Love your body because its yours - On a mission to change the stigma around plus size

    How often have you seen yourself in the mirror and said “If I could just loose ten kgs, then I would be happy”? Unfortunately, majority of women are not happy and satisfied with their bodies, and many take harmful and extreme measures to change their bodies. 

    Women have been trained to let their weight and body shape define them.Just because you cannot fit into some “standard sizing”, women think there is something wrong with their bodies.

    So let's understand what do we exactly mean by the term “BODY POSITIVITY”

    Body positivity is more about relationship that we have with our bodies, including how we feel about our body shape, clothes, food, exercise, health and self-care.

    Additionally, body positivity is not only limited to weight issues but goes a long way into accepting your body as it is.

    It should not be confused with taking your body for granted and not working towards a healthier you but is definitely related to accepting your body and working towards its improvement not only for the physical aspect but at a 360 degree angle.

    How does body image issue affects women?

    It has been observed that women who are not satisfied with their bodies tend to have a negative relationship with food and clothing.Having a negative body image can lead to extreme mental and physical problems like:

    • Low confidence
    • Low self-esteem
    • Depression 
    • Eating disorders
    • Self-harm 
    • Exercising heavily
    • Starving

    Things to do to be body positive

    Lets face it - The desire to be more beautiful, thinner, sexier and perfect never ends but this desire can lead to mental health issues.We all want to look like someone else but guess what, everyone is in the same boat.This thread of continuous comparison never ends!

    Self love is the right way to move towards body acceptance.There should never be a feeling of changing something about you.Each and every body type should be honored and embraced. 

    Don’t let anyone tell you how your body should be as it is your body and your choices and no one else’s business.

    • Write down 5 things you love about yourself
    • Empty your closet with all those clothes that don't fit you well
    • Eat good and nutritious food for your better self and health
    • Surround yourself with people who are positive and love you for who you are.
    • Unfollow social media pages that make you feel you have to fit in some beauty standards
    • Practice self care and self love

    Celebrate your beautiful body and take care of it as the most important relationship that you will ever have is the one with yourself. Honor it, Embrace it and Don't let anyone make you feel any less of a person.

    You are more than your body, you have thoughts, emotions, feelings which is way beyond defining or objectifying yourself