Tips For Choosing The Perfect Plus Size Bottom Wear For Women

    Choosing bottom wear of accurate fit, size, and style is vital for feeling easy and comfortable all day long, especially for women with curvy bodies. The curvy divas generally find it hard to stay comfortable while delivering tasks and running errands all day long due to ill-fitted and inconvenient bottom wear. Generally, they have to compromise convenience to look presentable at their workplace, or other social gatherings due to their lack of knowledge about the various styles and sites available for providing the plus size divas with flattering and convenient bottom wears apt to be worn on all kinds of places and occasions. 

    Desinoor has various outstanding and comfortable options for Plus-Size Bottom Wear for women that will make them look and feel fantastically beautiful and at ease with their bodies. However, it is essential to have an idea or insight about the various plus-size bottom wear styles, fits, and options that are specifically adequate for various body shapes and sizes. 

    Importance of choosing the right bottom wear

    The right bottom wear, be it a pant, a skirt, or a trouser, is extremely crucial as it ensures easy movability and comfort. It not only makes you feel comfortable but also makes you look more confident and presentable at every event and occasion. Investing in high-quality bottom wear can enhance your dress-up experiences and make it more exciting for you to choose your OOTD. 

    Being in comfortable plus-size bottoms will also boost your self-confidence and enhance your body positivity while you take your fashion game a notch higher. It is also essential to know that your choice of bottoms holds the potential to either make or break your look of the day. 

    Therefore in this blog, we will help you make the right decision while choosing and ordering Women’s bottom wear online from Desinoor, the best and most inclusive website for women’s clothing. 

    Things to consider while choosing the right plus size women’s bottom wear online

    There are certain aspects that need to be considered while shopping for plus-size bottoms for women.

    • For choosing the right kind of plus size bottom wear it is important to determine the body shape, as the same pants or skirt might not look equally flattering on a woman with an apple-shaped body and one with a pear-shaped body.  
    • Curvy women should go for bottoms that elongate their frame and make them look taller. For that, they can go for high-waist or mid-waist trousers or create a monochromatic look.
    • Straight and wide-legged trousers are also a great plus-size bottom-wear alternative to feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. 
    • Plus-size women, especially the ones with a heavier lower body should go for solid-color bottoms. Also, they should wear pants and skirts with smaller prints or patterns, as big and bold prints can add volume to their lower body and make them look more curvy and disproportionate.

    Bottom wear options for plus-size women

    Here we have enlisted some viable options for plus-size bottoms that women can wear to look effortlessly stylish and comfortable. 


    Palazzos are the most evergreen and versatile option when it comes to buying women’s bottom wear online. They are elegant and comfortable and look equally appealing when worn with kurtas, tops, blouses, or tunics. High-waist palazzos can create a balanced body proportion and can make a woman look taller and slimmer. 

    Wide-legged pants

    Wide-legged pants are another great option that would render comfort and style to a curvy woman. These pants can be used for formal and semi-formal occasions and can also be worn for casual outings. These pants are also available in different colors and prints to choose from according to the event and occasion. It is one of the best plus-size bottom-wear alternatives for women. 

    Flared skirts 

    There are no women on the planet who would not want to swirl in a skirt. Skirts are the most comfy as well as cutesy bottom wear option for women of all sizes, but they look even more attractive on curvy women. Plus-size women can choose any skirt of any fit or length as they would accentuate and compliment their curves. 

    However, if you are down for some frill and flare you must go for a pleated or flared skirt of knee or floor length to get a chic look. Suitable belts and accessories can also be added to dress up or dress down according to the occasion. 


    Trousers are a diverse option when it comes to plus-size bottom wear for women. They are available in various styles that would look fabulous on a curvy beauty. There are different trouser options like loose-fit trousers, straight trousers, formal trousers, printed trousers, and more. 


    These are knee-length wide-legged pants that create the illusion of wearing a skirt. They can be worn both casually and on social outings according to the need or styling. Curvy women should ideally go for culottes that end around the ankles as it would help them look taller and thinner by creating a balanced body proportion. These pants exuberate a relaxing vibe and would be perfect to be worn on a brunch or get-together. 


    There are numerous plus-size bottom wear options available for women ranging from pants, palazzos, skirts, and trousers. You just need to know the source and site from where you can source the best plus-size bottoms

    Desinoor has an extensive range of bottoms for women of all sizes. We promote inclusivity and body positivity by offering a clothing range for plus-size women ranging from XL to 6XL. Our plus-size bottom wears are made of exceptional quality fabric and are available in different colors and designs. They can be worn on every occasion and place, be it an office, party, picnic, or celebration. You are sure to feel beautiful and confident in Desinoor bottoms and outfits. 

    So, do not wait any longer and get your hands on the best women’s bottom wear online at Desinoor.